Chrissy Russo Video

When I first read an article online about some dude who wrote a song and made a video about Chrissy Russo, I thought for sure that it would be Steve. No such luck but Steve’s totally going to kick his ass for moving in on his lady. It’s one of the worst (best?) songs I’ve ever heard. It sounds like a song that got left off of a Carter Peace Mission cassette I used to have. By the way, I just Googled them and found their website…entire catalog is downloading as I type…

It looks like he filmed the video in his parent’s living room. I guess that just goes to show how hot she is. She’s so hot she makes a dude who can’t sing, play guitar or edit video; write a song, figure out a couple chords and bust out iMovie. Poor guy’s mom probably can’t even get the bastard to make his bed.

I’m going to write a song about Shally unless this d-bag beats me to it…he obviously has much more time, Jergens and God knows what else on his hands…

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2 Responses to Chrissy Russo Video

  1. avatar Jack Miouff says:

    I want to FUCK that bitch to….

  2. avatar Steve says:

    Im sure Ms. Russo will be relieved to know that there is a foul mouth guy out there with poor grammer that is willing to put aside his time as a Dungeon Master to “FUCK” her.
    You should have your Mom drive you to the Fox5 studios so this love connection can happen. I have a really good feeling about this one.

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