NC Times Spills the Beans…Speed Limit On Centre City is 65 MPH

The NC Times confirmed what many of us old school Escondido residents already knew, the speed limit on Centre City Parkway is 65 MPH. To prevent the parkway from becoming a dangerous racetrack through the center of town, they have chosen not to post speed limit signs on the four-lane road, which runs from just north of the Westfield mall to the city’s northern limit. “When you post a speed limit, people tend to drive that speed or a little above,” said Ed Domingue, the city’s director of engineering services. “The last thing we’d want to do is post it at 65 mph.” The city’s decision to leave the eight-mile parkway barren of speed limit signs has been vindicated by drivers, who typically travel about 40 mph, Domingue said Tuesday. –

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4 Responses to NC Times Spills the Beans…Speed Limit On Centre City is 65 MPH

  1. avatar Logert says:

    I love it! People need to speed up on Centre City. Everyone does 45 so you cant go 65. You try going at least 60 but you have to go around people and pass on the right. then you get pulled over for aggressive driving. Speed up, dicks! I need to get to Chilis!

  2. avatar ryan says:

    effit, i’m never gonna let it drop below 60 now.

  3. avatar Logert says:

    hey same time! haha

  4. avatar Swasted says:

    nice work, boys!

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