Escondido’s, “DUI” Check points…

Ripped From Escondido’s Local Fish Wrap, NCTIMES

Escondido has received about $425,000 worth of grants from the California Office of Traffic Safety to do 21 sobriety and driver’s license checkpoints during the fiscal year that began in October.
The money also will go to four other alcohol-related programs: 16 sobriety patrols, when extra police officers are assigned to look for drunken drivers; four court stings, in which officers check to see if people whose license has been revoked for alcohol-related offenses are driving themselves to court; five stakeout operations, and five warrant-service operations.

Escondido was rated the second-worst city among 52 similar-sized municipalities in California for the number of hit-and-runs in 2007, according to the most recent statistics from the state Office of Traffic Safety. As a result, the city gets large share of the state money available to perform checkpoints, said Lt. Chris Wynn.
So far this fiscal year, police have set up sobriety checkpoints nearly every two weeks, on Oct. 10 and 24, Nov. 9 and 21. At those four, officers arrested 12 people for driving under the influence and impounded 157 cars.
Wait. So 12 people get arrested for DUI and they impounded 157 cars? So my question is, who drove the other 145 cars and why did they get impounded?

Here’s a theory I’ve been tossing around: I’m not sure if the Esco P.D is really looking for drunks. I mean honestly, if you want to find the drunks go to where the drunks hang… bar parking lots. Just hang out and wait, its a gold mine. Then we can eliminate the need to pay a bunch of cops hours and hours of extra dollars to spend two hours before dusk setting up a checkpoint that everyone knows about ahead of time and that isn’t even near any fucking bars! Lets be smart about this shit!
All the “DUI” checkpoints seem to be getting set up in the more Hispanic neighborhoods in town. I’m just sayin’, seems kinda weird. I’d set the checkpoints up closer to the places where people fucking eat and drink instead of the goddamn neighborhoods!
The numbers say it all, it’s just not cost effective. Four weeks of checkpoints and 12 fucking arrests isn’t crime fighting, it isn’t saving lives, its just wasting everybody’s fucking time, its a fucking joke!


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3 Responses to Escondido’s, “DUI” Check points…

  1. avatar Lisa says:

    Right On! It’s all about impounding cars!!!

  2. avatar ReVeLaTeD says:

    The others got impounded for other infractions. How soon people forget that driving without a license or driving on a suspended license is not legal. If you have no license, your car can be impounded. The bulk of cars being taken is because the person driving them had no business driving them – which is definitely an impoundable offense.

  3. avatar Steve says:

    I totally agree that you should have your car in proper working order and all insurance and paper work up to date.
    However I don’t believe that the Escondido Police should conduct these “DUI” check points in low income neighborhoods and under the guise of stopping drunk driving? These check points aren’t even near bars! They should rework all there “DUI” check points and grab a lot more drunks as opposed to people who have broken taillights or suspended licenses. Drunk drivers kill and thats what we should be focusing on.

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